'Frigerator Follies, 2013 University of Cincinnati, DAAP Cincinnati, OH  LINK:  http://whoopdeedoo.tv/projects/frigerator-follies/
 Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, 2011 Time Based Arts Festival Portland, OR  LINK:  http://whoopdeedoo.tv/projects/pica-tba-festival-sept-2011/
 Uh-Oh: A Whoop Dee Doo Thing, 2012 Gallery CA Baltimore, MD  LINK:  http://whoopdeedoo.tv/projects/galleryca-april-2012/
 Meowcrowave, 2012 Luminaria San Antonio, TX  LINK:  http://whoopdeedoo.tv/projects/meowcrowave-may-2012/
 Monster Stereo, 2012 Art Live Miamai Dade College Museum of Art & Legal Art/Cannonball Miami, FL  LINK:  http://whoopdeedoo.tv/projects/monster-stereo-art-live-oct-2012/
 Skeleton Frat House Orders a PIzza, 2013 Luminaria San Antonio, TX  LINK:  http://whoopdeedoo.tv/projects/luminaria-mar-2013/
 Le Monster, 2013 Pop Montreal & DHC.ART Education Department Montreal, Canada  LINK:  http://whoopdeedoo.tv/projects/le-monster-sept-2013/
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